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motorized window treatmentsAs technology advances, home furnishings have advanced to incorporate these new technologies that are available. Motorized window treatments are a great way to bring your home into the future. Let Quality Window Treatments, serving Michiana, Granger, South Bend, and Northern Indiana, show you the benefits of motorized window treatments.

1. Simplicity

Motorized window treatments will simplify your day to day life. Depending on the operation system you choose, you can eliminate the need to ever manually adjust your shades again. Set up a schedule for your blinds and shades so they will open and close to fit any schedule you have.

2. Accessibility

Motorized window treatments allow for greater accessibility to your windows. Because motorized window treatments are all controlled by a remote or wall switch, home owners who have difficulty getting to each individual window can now operate every window in their home to its full extent.  Changing the position of your hard to reach shades is done with ease with motorized window treatments.

3. Increased Privacy

Motorized blinds and shades allow for increased levels of privacy in your home. Because these window treatments can be programmed on a schedule, you decide when they open and close. Program your window treatments to close automatically at night to prevent prying eyes in your home. This schedule will make you feel more secure in your home because you will always know that your window coverings are closed when you want them to be closed, and you will never risk forgetting to shut them.

4. Home Security

In addition to the increased privacy that motorized window treatments provide, motorized window treatments can also add an additional level of safety to your home. Home automation is the one of the easiest way to deter a break in. Program your window treatments to open and close during the hours you are at work or while you are away from your home so it appears that your home is occupied. Visibly inhabited homes are less likely to experience break ins or other crimes because the threat of getting caught is higher.

5. Durability

Because motorized window treatments eliminate the need for operation devices, like cords and wands, your window treatments become even more durable. Cords and wands are the easiest pieces of window treatments to break. If you have children, or individuals in your home who are rougher on home furnishings, motorized window treatments are a great option for you because they remove the possibility that your windows will be damaged when being adjusted. More importantly, there are no long cords to harm your smaller family members or pets.

6. Money Saving

Motorized window treatments will help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. Program your window treatments to close during the hottest and coldest parts of the day and night to avoid temperature transfer into your home. By blocking some of the temperature transfer into and out of your home through your windows, you can significantly lower your heating and cooling costs because your HVAC unit will not need to keep switching on and off to adjust to your desired temperature.

7. Scene Options

Preprogrammed window scenes, a feature of the PowerView® Motorization system from Hunter Douglas, are an easy way to adjust your windows quickly for function or ambiance needs in your rooms. If your room doubles as a movie room, you can preprogram a setting that adjusts your windows in the room to a darkness that reduces the glare on your television. The scenes you can create are endless and they are all incredibly convenient.

8. Increase Home Value

Lastly, motorized window treatments will increase your home’s value. Because motorized window treatments are considered a green and technologically advanced product, that both maximize functionality and reduce spending, they are always desired in a home. As home automation is on the rise, installing motorized window treatments that are compatible with a variety of home automation systems is a great way appeal to buyers who may want to use this technology in the future.

If you have any other questions about the benefits of motorized window treatments, contact Quality window treatments today! Featuring top of the line products from Horizon, Graber, Hunter Douglas, Draper, and other leading brands, Quality Window Treatments will work with you in your home to help you choose the best product for your lifestyle and decor.

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