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wide windowsIf you are looking for the perfect window treatments in Northern Indian for your wide windows, look no farther than Quality Window Treatments. Let us show you 6 window fashions that will accentuate the beauty and functionality of your wide windows.

Luminette Sheers

Hunter Douglas luminette sheers are a wonderful covering for wide windows.  They naturally diffuse light to allow you the most benefit of your large windows.  If you choose a sheer fabric, you can often see out without forfeiting your privacy.  PowerView® Motorization allows you to enjoy large window treatments without having to mess with opening and closing by hand.

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Woven Woods

Woven wood shades are a great option for wide windows in the home. Because woven woods have tons of interesting textures, these shades will make wide windows appealing instead of boring and flat. Woven wood shades, like Hunter Douglas’ Alustra Collection of Woven Textures, come in a wide selection of colors and materials that will make for a beautiful statement on any large window expanse. Woven Wood shades are absorbent enough to help block your home from the excess amount of heat large windows will allow into your home, but will also allow for beautiful light diffusion and natural light.

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Roller Shades

Another great choice for window treatments for wide windows is roller shades. Roller shades, like Hunter Douglas wide selection of shades, come in many different styles. Roller shades block light enough to not need drapery but are also sheer enough to keep your windows the focal point of your room. Roller shades come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so they can be incorporated into your home seamlessly. In addition to these benefits, roller shades have available operation systems that will make them able to function well when they are grouped close together, like they would be on a wide window.

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Honeycomb Shades

Because wide window expanses let in so much light, they will inevitably let in quite a bit of heat or cold air, which will make the temperature of your home fluctuate. This temperature fluctuation is one of the main reasons honeycomb shades make for a great option on these wide windows. Honeycomb shades utilize a cellular design which traps air within its cells as it comes in and out through the windows to help regulate the temperature of your home and save you money of heating and cooling costs. In addition to being beneficial to your wallet, honeycomb shades make for a unique, eye catching window treatment that diffuses light throughout your room.

plantation shutters


Wooden and synthetic shutters are another choice for your wide windows. Plantation shutters can be placed directly next to one another and still operate easily. Because plantation shutters are controlled with their louvers, you can adjust the amount of light that comes into your home without having to worry about a mess of cords. Simply tilt the louvers where you want them or close them for complete privacy. In addition to the ease of use, plantation shutters will help you regulate the temperature in your home, and will add classic elegance to any room.

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Fabric, Vinyl, and Sheer Vertical Blinds

Rather you choose fabric, vinyl, or sheer vertical blinds, you cannot go wrong with these window treatments for your wide window expanses. Vertical blinds are the best, most appealing choice for wide window expanses. Vertical blinds will make your room appear taller than it already is because they will draw the eye up with their sleek lines, and when they are used on a large wall of windows the effect is even more obvious. Wide Vertical blinds can be used to make a bold color statement or blend naturally with an existing color scheme. These blinds will accentuate your wide windows while also blocking and diffusing light in a way that is easily adjustable and will keep you satisfied.

Window Treatments for Wide Windows Are Here!

If you are ready to make your wide windows as beautiful as they can be, contact the experts at Quality Window Treatments for a free in-home shopping appointment today! We proudly serve Michiana, Granger, South Bend, and Northern Indiana and we know that our team of design professional can help you with anything from decorating tips to choosing the perfect window treatment for your home.

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